Solar Fire or The Fire of the Mind

All fire involves movement and warmth, but the warmth produced is on different planes. Solar fire creates warmth indeed, not directly on the physical plane but in mind through the motion of rarified mental matter.

The interesting thing is that mind and love are often seen as either opposing or totally different aspects. Unrealized by many is the fact that the fires of love (solar fire) are created by the awakened mind, the stimulated mind, or mind in motion. Without mind there would be no such thing as love manifested on the physical plane.

When spirit (electric fire) and living matter (fire by friction) blend and merge then soul energy or solar fire is created. The mind must awaken to perceive this merging. In the vast majority of humans this aspect of the mind is asleep. When it awakens the soul (or solar fire) is perceived and spiritual love is enflamed. The seeker is then on the path of discipleship and is capable of seeing and understanding the things of the spirit (electric fire).

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Bryan writes:

While I understand that "basically" -- that the focus of the topic is on/about Solar Fire -- the Fire of the Mind, after I done a fair amount of online research, the first thing that I discovered was just how much and how often the word "fire(s)" is used to "describe stuff" -- and I discovered how easy it is/was to get spun off into different, as there was much to "read around" the topic that was also related to the topic of "fire," "solar," "solar fire," "fire(s) of the mind", etc.

I also became evident that in order to understand, I also needed to know more about "from what aspect" are we describing about "Solar Fire -- the Fire Of The Mind."

And while some of the below quotations are repetitive, I am repeating them, as I found it was helpful to look at these three fires as a whole when attempting to understand any one of them.

Herer is a statement I found in the synposis written on the Lucis Trust website describing the contents of "A Treatise On Cosmic Fire":

"Solar Fire, the Fire of Mind, since this is the dominant energy to be understood and controlled during this second solar system."

HPB had some interesting things to say as well -- here's one of them:

(SD 2:247)

"'Our earth and man,' says the Commentary, 'being the products of the three Fires' — whose three names answer, in Sanskrit, to 'the electric fire, the Solar fire, and the fire produced by friction,' — these three fires, explained on the Cosmic and human planes, are Spirit, Soul, and Body, the three great Root groups, with their four additional divisions."

From "A Treatise On Cosmic Fire," Section 2, Division C - The Egoic Ray & Solar Fire, The Nature of the Egoic or Causal Body, paragraph 1, it is written that:

"To state the whole in terms of fire: The causal body is produced by means of the positive life, or fire, of the Spirit (electric fire) meeting the negative fire of matter, or "fire by friction"; this causes the blazing forth of solar fire. This central blaze inevitably in due course burns up the third fire, or absorbs its essence, and is itself eventually blended with the fire of Spirit and passes out of objective display."

Again, from "ATOCF, Fire In Manifestation, " Pages 48, 55, it is written:

"Secondly, we might note that the internal fires are the basis of life in the lower three kingdoms of nature, and in the fourth or human kingdom in connection with the two lower vehicles. The Fire of Mind, when blended with the internal fires, is the basis of life in the fourth kingdom, and united they control (partially now and later entirely) the lower threefold man or the personality; this control lasts up to the time of the first Initiation."

Also, in ATOCF, I found in the section entitled "Three Manifestations of Manas," Pages 308 & 309 the following interesting statement:

"Initiation marks a stage in the intensification of 'solar Fire.'"

This person wrote an article that I thought was "interesting" -- interesting in terms of considering the various correspondences (including what we here refer to as "the intuition" -- and other comments and/or correspondences that they made about "solar" and "fire" -- and the mind.

Here's the URL/link to the article:

http://www.ericmcgo n__solar_ fire.htm

Even HPB makes similar references to the eastern tradition, description and/or interpretation of the solar fire(s):

Suchi, the solar or Saura fire, is 'the drinker of waters'. Cosmically, it corresponds to Spirit, and it is the parent of the Havyavabana fire of the gods. Typically, human beings are only able to touch this solar fire in sushupti, which accounts for the serene beauty, purity and defencelessness reflected in the face of someone in deep sleep. It is the source of the ineffable and elusive radiance which mothers and midwives sense at the overwhelming and unique moment of birth of every baby, each of whom sounds the Word in some form. In theogony the Gandharvas are the aggregate powers of the solar fire and constitute its forces, and under their leader, Narada, they teach the secrets of heaven to mortals. Mystically connected with soma, and psychically with the sushumna solar ray prized by yogis, they are spiritually and physically the noumenal and phenomenal causes of sound. By making one's entire life revolve around one's most noble ideals and aspirations on behalf of all humanity, maintaining the impulse with a continuity that transforms consciousness, one may make the higher aspects of the Suchi fire a living reality. Filled with secret joy and happiness, and exempt from the lunar waxing and waning of passion and animal instinct, one can constantly show compassion to others not so privileged as to be at all times eternally young and cheerful. Once it is aroused as a spark in the core of the invisible heart, the Anahata or indestructible centre, the solar fire will then burn as the constant steady flame of an entire life, making it into a poem, a song, even a symphony.

Source: http://theosophytru FiresofCreation. htm

As a kind of footnote (and example of the various directions this topic goes) I found this: which came from The Suchi Dictionary: Spiritual Theosophical Dictionary on Om, Aum

"This word is usually placed at the beginning of sacred Scriptures, and is prefixed to prayers. It is a compound of three letters a,u,m, which, in the popular belief, are typical of the three Vedas, also of three gods - A (Agni) V (Varuna) and M (Maruts) or Fire, Water and Air. In esoteric philosophy these are the three sacred fires, or the "triple fire" in the Universe and Man, besides many other things. Occultly, this "triple fire" represents the highest Tetraktys also, as it is typified by the Agni named Abhimanin and his transformation into his three sons, Pavana, Pavamana and Suchi, "who drinks up water", i.e., destroys material desires. This monosyllable is called Udgitta, and is sacred with both Brahmins and Buddhists.

I found this to be equally interesting as well -- and thought the entire article was good, and here's a short quote from it:

"The powerful and suggestive phrase 'lighting the fires of mind' refers theosophically to the awakening that happens to all beings as they evolve and mind becomes increasingly enlightened. It implies that mind has the potential to spark into a blaze, moving from a literal understanding of the superficial aspects of life to a discernment of more profound principles."

Source: http://www.theosoci /sunrise/ 56-07/hu- coker.htm

I found this article interesting as well:

http://www.theosoph theosnw/evol/ ev-elo.htm

Here's a quote from it:

"'Lighting the fires of mind' is an intriguing expression. Lighting implies the inflaming of that which has the potency to be lit. Fire suggests upward movement, change, combustion, transformation, whether this occurs to heat our houses, cook our food, light our study, or change our lives -- and we do change our lives when we change our thinking."

Ruth writes:
Solar Fire is the creator spark, fired up through the pineal and pituitary pods and manifests the "mental thought-forms" through the higher Triad chakras.

Something like humanity = throat chakra (Ray 3)the voice of Active Intelligence in Matter, third eye = Solar Angel or Solar Fire (Ray 5)the Soul or Midway Point created through the knowledge/knowing intercourse of Father and Mother, and Head Chakra (Ray 1)Father/Monad and Will.

Solar Fire which is the consciousness of the Solar Angels as a collective, and who first created their seed spark/pods within the animal/man brain(their reflected units), have awaited the unfolding process of particular Soul ray groups which come into incarnation throughout the cycles and who are able to connect with that spark within and open the door to Soul or Solar Fire, hence the importance of Soul contact in the Age of Aquarius which is Air and the Mental thought-forms can be manifested, rather than the lower astral/emotional. The mental thought-forms will dominate the lower emotional ones throughout humanity eventually, thus Good will become the dominating factor rather than the reversed emotional forms.



1. Head Centre = Ray of Will or Power. First Ray.
2. The Ajna Centre = Ray of Concrete Knowledge. Fifth Ray.
3. The Throat Centre = Ray of Active Intelligence. Third Ray.
4. The Heart Centre = Ray of Love-Wisdom. Second Ray.
5. The Solar Plexus = Ray of Devotion. Sixth Ray.
6. The Sacral Centre = Ray of Ceremonial Magic. Seventh Ray.
7. Base of Spine = Ray of Harmony. Fourth Ray.

1st Ray-Force-Energy- Action-The Occultist
2nd Ray-Consciousness- Expansion- Initiation- The true Psychic
3rd Ray-Adaption- Development- Evolution- The Magician
4th Ray-Vibration- Response- Expression- The Artist
5th Ray-Mentation- Knowledge- Science-The Scientist
6th Ray-Devotion- Abstraction- Idealism- The Devotee
7th Ray-Incantation- Magic-Ritual- The Ritualist

Ray one Sun Head Centre- Crown chakra- Gold/Blue
Ray five Venus Anja Centre – Third Eye – Rose/yellow
Ray three Saturn Throat Centre – Silvery blue/blue
Ray two Jupiter Heart – Gold
Ray six Mars Solar Plexus – rosy with green
Ray seven Moon Sacral centre – Violet/white
Ray four Mercury Base chakra – Orange/yellow