The Three Fires

I. The Internal Fire or Fire by Friction
There is heat internal and heat external in every atom, the breath of the Father (Spirit) and the breath (or heat) of the Mother (matter).
(Secret Doctrine I. 112)

II. The Fire of Mind or Solar Fire
The fire of knowledge burns up all action on the plane of illusion, therefore those who have acquired it and are emancipated are called Fires.
(Secret Doctrine I. 114)

III. The Fire of Spirit or Electric Fire
Lift up thy head, O Lanoo; dost thou see one, or countless lights above thee, burning in the dark midnight sky?
I sense one Flame, O Gurudeva; I see countless undetached sparks shining in it.
(Secret Doctrine I. 145)

1st Person - Father, Life, Will, Purpose, Positive energy.
2nd Person - Son, Consciousness, Love-Wisdom, Equilibrized energy.
FIRE BY FRICTION (Body or Matter)
3rd Person - Holy Spirit, Form, Active Intelligence, Negative energy.

Each of these three is also triple in manifestation...
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, P 4

In its essential nature Fire is threefold, but when in manifestation it can be seen as a fivefold demonstration, and be defined as follows:
  1. Fire by friction, or internal vitalizing fire. These fires animate and vitalize the objective solar system. They are the sumtotal of logoic kundalini, when in full systemic activity.
  2. Solar Fire, or cosmic mental fire. This is that portion of the cosmic mental plane which goes to the animation of the mental body of the Logos. This fire may be regarded as the sumtotal of the sparks of mind, the fires of the mental bodies and the animating principle of the evolving units of the human race in the three worlds.
  3. Electric Fire, or the logoic Flame Divine. This flame is the distinguishing mark of our Logos, and it is that which differentiates Him from all other Logoi; it is His dominant characteristic, and the sign of His place in cosmic evolution.
A Treatise on Cosmic Fire, P 37

Fire by Friction.

This is the lowest of the fires that manifest in the worlds of form. The simplest explanation is revealed in the striking of a common match. What causes the fire to begin? It is the friction of the match scraping across a rough surface.

Fire by friction produces warmth in the physical universe from a point in a center to the circumference. This fire is manifest at the center of an atom, a cell, the heart of a human being, the center of a planet, the center of the sun and finally of galaxies.

In addition there is a higher correspondence of this fire in the astral and mental worlds. All the worlds of form need warmth and this warmth is produced by fire by friction.

What is the true cause of this fire? Science has not adequately explained it but DK gives us some light stating that: "It is an effect and not a cause. It is produced by the two fires of spirit and of mind (electric and solar fire) contacting each other through the medium of matter...When evolution ends, the fire of matter is not cognisable. It persists only when the other two fires are associated, and it does not persist apart from substance itself."
Treatise on Cosmic Fire Page 50-51

Definition by JJ Dewey

Solar Fire or The Fire of the Mind

All fire involves movement and warmth, but the warmth produced is on different planes. Solar fire creates warmth indeed, not directly on the physical plane but in mind through the motion of rarified mental matter.

The interesting thing is that mind and love are often seen as either opposing or totally different aspects. Unrealized by many is the fact that the fires of love (solar fire) are created by the awakened mind, the stimulated mind, or mind in motion. Without mind there would be no such thing as love manifested on the physical plane.

When spirit (electric fire) and living matter (fire by friction) blend and merge then soul energy or solar fire is created. The mind must awaken to perceive this merging. In the vast majority of humans this aspect of the mind is asleep. When it awakens the soul (or solar fire) is perceived and spiritual love is enflamed. The seeker is then on the path of discipleship and is capable of seeing and understanding the things of the spirit (electric fire).

Definition by JJ Dewey

Electric Fire

Electric fire is the polar opposite of fire by friction and is its source. When we strike a match we produce fire by friction, but this fire consists in more than a chemical reaction for the fire on the physical plane could not be if the higher electrical, or spiritual fire, were not linked to it.

Electric fire is linked with spirit and fire by friction to matter. So why do we not just use the term "spirit and matter" instead? The reason is that "fire" is an aspect of these two planes, an aspect which is created by motion. Electric fire is thus spirit in motion.

What creates the motion?

Divine Will creates the motion and thus sets up creation for life to manifest.

Definition by JJ Dewey

Here are some quotes from DK that give a greater comprehension of electric fire.

They release the light of electric fire (and therefore not solar fire) into the integrated personality, so that the entire man-now become the oriented mechanism of the Monad-is flooded with this higher form of energy-an aspect of the energy of will and related to the carrying forward of divine purpose. You can appreciate, consequently, how relatively impossible it is for any of you to do more than register the more obvious significances of these formulas and then await the time when your inner growth warrants a fresh approach to their interpretation.
Discipleship in the New Age II Page 272

All that we can know of God or of man is the quality of his energy as it demonstrates in force and activity, hence in the Secret Doctrine, the highest aspect of divinity is called electric fire.
Initiation, Human & Solar Page 350

Until the divine purpose has been achieved, the planetary Logos holds all in manifestation through the potency of His Will, and animates all forms with electric fire. Knowledge of this Will and Purpose comes to the student who is constructing the antahkarana and who is, therefore, coming under the control of the Spiritual Triad, the threefold expression of the Monad.
Telepathy ,Page 130

1st Person Father. Life. Will. Purpose. Positive energy.
Treatise on Cosmic Fire Page 4

3. Electric Fire, or the logoic Flame Divine. This flame is the distinguishing mark of our Logos, and it is that which differentiates Him from all other Logoi; it is His dominant characteristic, and the sign of His place in cosmic evolution.
Treatise on Cosmic Fire Page 38

The first Logos is electric fire, the fire of pure Spirit. Yet in manifestation He is the Son, for by union with matter (the mother) the Son is produced by Whom He is known. "I and my Father are One" is the most occult statement in the Christian Bible, for it not only refers to the union of a man with his source, the monad, via the ego, but to the union of all life with its source, the will aspect, the first Logos.
Treatise on Cosmic Fire Page 151

When the form is destroyed there is left this intangible spiritual body of fire, one pure flame, distinguished by seven brilliant centres of intenser burning. This electric fire is the result of the bringing together of the two poles and demonstrates at the moment of complete at-one-ment, the occult truth of the words "Our God is a consuming Fire."73
Treatise on Cosmic Fire Page 167

Electricity on the monadic plane demonstrates as the first manifestation of form, as that which causes forms to cohere. Matter (electrified by "fire by friction") and the electric fire of spirit meet and blend, and form appears. Form is the result of the desire for existence, hence the dynamic fire of Will is transmuted into the burning fire of Desire. I would call attention to the choice of those two phrases, which might also be expressed under the terms:

Dynamic electrical manifestation.
Burning electrical manifestation.
Treatise on Cosmic Fire, Page 311

Electric fire is electricity demonstrating as vitality or the will-to-be of some Entity, and manifests as:
Abstract Being.
Treatise on Cosmic Fire Page 316

Electric fire is force or energy of some kind, and hence in itself is fundamentally an emanation.
Treatise on Cosmic Fire Page 803

The forces of the ajna and the throat centres, when combined, produce the highest manifestation of "fire by friction," just as the energies of the head centre and the basic centre produce the individual "electric fire" which, when fully expressing itself, we call the kundalini fire.
Esoteric Healing Page 147

Comments from readers:

Ruth writes:
Head Centre:

"It registers purpose, corresponds to the "electric fire" of the solar system, and is dynamic in quality."

"The forces of the ajna and the throat centers, when combined, produce the highest manifestation of "fire by friction," just as the energies of the head center and the basic center produce the individual "electric fire" which, when fully expressing itself, we call the kundalini fire." DK

Solar Fire

"The heart center corresponds to "solar fire" within the solar system, and is magnetic in quality and radiatory in activity. It is the organ of the energy which brings about inclusiveness. " DK

Esoteric Healing - Chapter I - The Psychological Causes of Disease

1. The Head center - The Monad - Will - Spirit = Electric Fire

2. The Heart center - The Ego - Love - Consciousness = Solar Fire (the product of the fire by friction creating the Son/Soul)

3. The Throat center - The Personality - Activity - Matter = Fire by Friction (Intercourse of Father and Mother)

"b. The Causal Body - Monadic Heart Center

"In studying the egoic body it should be remembered that the causal body is the correspondence in the monadic manifestation to the heart center. It is a flaming wheel of fire within the monadic auric egg, which embraces the five planes of monadic manifestation; it is also seen as the twelve-petalled Lotus. Of these twelve petals, the innermost three are unrevealed, or are embryonic, and hence the causal body is frequently considered as a nine-petalled Lotus, or as a wheel of fire with only nine spokes or whorls. This is essentially true as regards the evolutionary process, but when a man has succeeded in awakening or unfolding the nine petals, or in arousing the fire of the nine spokes or whorls (which is practically consummated at the three major Initiations) the inner three are revealed. They respond to the monadic vibration, to the aspect of pure Spirit; it is the stimulation or revelation of these inner petals, by the One Initiator at the third and fourth Initiations which brings about the final conflagration and the blazing up of the causal body with the subsequent liberation of the central positive Life or Fire." DK

"2. The Twelve-Petalled Egoic Lotus

Solar Fire is dual. It is the fire of matter or substance and the fire of mind blended. This makes man the six-pointed Star of Light, for each of these fires is triple. The fire of mind is also in essence dual, bringing in another triplicity, thus making the nine. When a man has awakened the nine fires, and has unfolded the nine petals, and when he has received the stimulus which is imparted at initiation, through being brought into conscious contact with the electric spark of his own particular Heavenly Man, they all blend and merge. The [539] inner three which complete the twelve, and which are concerned with the final, and essentially spiritual stages, of his evolution, are really related more intimately to the evolution of the Heavenly Man, and are connected with the stimulus which He receives Himself in contacting the logoic electric spark, or the pure Spirit aspect of the Logos."

A Treatise on Cosmic Fire - Section Two - Division C - The Egoic Ray and Solar Fire
III. The Egoic Lotus 76

Ruth continues:
The point in the triangle of the Lotus is God, yes? This is why God is within, because God is the smallest particle or point, and this is why we will eventually get smaller and smaller as our vibration increases higher and higher. All other vibrations emanate from that point within the triangle? The triangle is the symbol for this Universe etc Whereas in the next evolution or unfoldment of the Universe of 8, it will not be a triangle. Was the Moon chain a square? (Guess I will have to research this as well.)

So when the Disciple conquers the Dweller on the Threshold, and the Angel of the Presence is felt or appears, this is a tremendous power, because it comes from within that Lotus, as it has unfolded, yes? The Angel does not appear outwardly, it appears inwardly.

Bryan writes:
Here's some info on these topics, that I found that was of interest to me:

(begin quote)
Every fire has a distinct function and meaning in the worlds of the physical and the spiritual. It has, moreover, in its essential nature a corresponding relation to one of the human psychic faculties, besides its well determined chemical and physical potencies when coming in contact with the terrestrially differentiated matter. Science has no speculations to offer upon fire per se; Occultism and ancient religious science have. This is shown even in the meagre and purposely veiled phraseology of the Puranas, where (as in the Vayu Purana) many of the qualities of the personified fires are explained. Thus, Pavaka is electric, or Vaidyuta, fire; Pavamana, the fire produced by friction, (or Nirmathya): and Suchi is solar (or Saura) fire. — all these three being the sons of Abhimanin, the Agni (fire), eldest son of Brahma and of Swaha. Pavaka, moreover, is made parent to Kavyavahana, the fire of the Pitris: Suchi to Havyavahana — the fire of the gods; and Pavamana, to Saharaksha, the fire of the Asuras. Now all this shows that the writers of the Puranas were perfectly conversant with the "Forces" of Science and their correlations; moreover, with the various qualities of the latter in their bearing upon those psychic and physical phenomena which receive no credit and are unknown to physical science now.
(end quote)

In her book "An Abridgement by Katharine Hillard Of The Secret Doctrine" she also writes;

(begin quote)
"Our earth and man," says the Commentary, "being the products of three fires," -- (whose names answer in Sanskrit to the electric fire, the solar fire, and the fire created by friction) -- these three fires explained on the cosmic and human planes are Spirit, Soul and Body....

In a metaphysical sense, the fire of friction means a union between Buddi & Manas (Spirit & Mind), the latter, Mind, merging partially into and becoming part of the Monad; in the physical sense it relates to the creative spark or germ which generates the human being.

The three Fires were said to be condemmend to being "born over and over again."
(end quote)

There is an informative "tabulation of triplicities" which some may find of interest in making correspondences and understanding the various relationships of "the three fires." It can be found at:
http://www.makara. us/02tcf/ commentary/ s1/Review_ S1S1_CosmicLogoi .htm

(Note: You need to scroll down a bit from the top of the page.)

There is also additional information and/or compliations on the Jewel In the Lotus & the Three Fires from AAB/DK to be found at:
http://www.shamball StudyResources/ compilations/ Compjewel. htm

This is from an article

(begin quote)
Fire-by-friction, as its name implies results in conflict and "confused combat." Solar fire results in unity. And, electric fire results in synthesis. The intensity of the fire indicates the degree of coherence and harmony and thus, the degree to which the spiritual nature prevails.
(end quote)

Which can be found at:
http://www.aquaac. org/dl/07nl2art1 .html

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"A Treatise On Cosmic Fire -- The Fire Of Mind Or Solar Fire"
"A Treatise On Cosmic Fire -- The Fire Of Spirit Or Electric Fire"
"A Treatise On Cosmic Fire -- The Eternal Fire Or Fire By Friction"

~a reference for the first quote:
"Secret Doctrine, Chemical Gods," Vol. 1, Page 521, By HP Blavatsky